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It almost feels like Runescape is not supposed to hold over 1,000 players before stuttering and eventually effing dying at 1,500. This is a very controversial, extremely unpopular and potentially stupid/moronic/idiotic notion to have RS3 gold, but maybe, Runescape is in a good place and with as much players as we've (as opposed to OSRS) is actually a fantastic thing for our sport. RS3 isn't designed to be busy, which idea is most likely the reason why we do not get better servers, because we're in a fantastic spot (the players the better).

I don't think the challenge is the number of players in the world, it's the number of players in the world in the world chunk. We used to get that exact same problem with the GE way back daily. You can tell when there's more individuals regardless of where you are. World 99 awhile back had a portables group move into it. It would have around 100-300 individuals and after it would have 600+. A delay was even just moving anywhere on the world. By what I have seen, the whole server lag is made by lots of gamers in 1 world chunk. Example would be doing anything on world 77 feels laggy even in the middle of nowhere if your. Same with high soda dxpw worlds, like w84 portables world.

Yeah if you think light a fire in an area that is empty gets the server tell just you concerning the flame. Lighting the fire that is same in a place with 1000 people has to send that passion to all 1000 at the exact same time. I don't understand how much money they perform for non-technical players but it's possible that every single participant in a pile of players has information about their location/actions constantly being delivered to every other participant in the area even if it's not visible on your client.

It functions a little bit different. Your customer is asking the host the condition of Runescape in your town. Hence the server checks that players are on your area, what they're wearing, and what they are doing (and a great deal more). Because he has to fetch player details of 1000 individuals in regions that are large the server has a large undertaking to do. That is why you will notice lag in other regions as well, the server is busy with handling the spots, he can hardly get your petition sorted winrsgold.

RS2 had much more gamers (although far more bots) than RS3 and we'd seen 250k+ gamers online frequently in summer and 1000+ players on each planet wasn't any issue back in 2011. Technologies have improved tremendously today a decade later, it is just stupid/moronic/idiotic believed that RS3 servers are in worse shape than the RS2 era. RS3 can handle a good deal more players than today, particularly more players will mean more servers will be added. The stability issues of the servers now is a few players are doing for. It's not a huge issue.

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