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nike sneakers womens white Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max 90 was the premier running silhouette for Nike when it was introduced to the world. The 90s were the first sneaker in Nike’s catalog to use the “Infrared” colorway even though some considered that colorway was introduced on the Air Jordan 6, another Tinker design. From the track to the runway, the Air Max 90 has dominated as a performance shoe and a cultural icon to make it a sneaker staple for sneakerheads everywhere.

nike sneakers mens running The Men's Nike Air Max 90 Leather Casual Shoes gets a premium leather upper so its able to withstand the elements and go the distance with you. With the sleek silhouette of the 90 and stellar performance you expect from Nike, these beauties have a modern-retro twist for neck-breaking style. There's no doubt that the standout of these sneakers is the cushy styling. With these being the perfect kicks to build your outfit or even wardrobe around you'll be sure to make a statement with your footwear.

nike sneakers black and pink This new entirely unique Air Max 90 Premium with it’s custom all over print, expands upon one of the iconic details of the shoe. The ‘AIR MAX’ graphic that is usually featured on a moulded TPU panel in the mudguard has taken over the whole shoe. Across the premium leather uppers the rounded diamond shape has been embossed into the surface. So as not to take away from these details on the upper, the usual hit of contrast around the air bubble window has been left white to match the rest of the midsole. The unique look of this new design is finished with a large Swoosh on the tongue and an extra large logo print on the insole.

nike air max 90 premium The Air Max line was born at a time when Nike was trying to trim down the size of the air units to reduce production cost. When Hatfield created the first Air Max, people went nuts over the visible tech. Nike had been telling customers for years about the benefits of air units, but until the first Air Max it was just talk to everyone. Once the encapsulated air units were exposed to the world that was that. Nike had to change course as well. They could no longer make the air units smaller, with each new model customers wanted a bigger and better air unit. The Air Max 90 delivered with an air unit with more gas pumped into it, and a slightly larger window to view the tech.


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