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FRANCK MULLER SKAFANDER franck muller conquistador , Stainless steel case (46 x 57 mm), water resistant to 10 atm. Mechanical self-winding movement with date display. Open the dial with decompression time indication (adjustable via button 9) with integrated rubber strap.

Richard Miller: When things get tough...

... hard to start playing. Even licorice: RM16-01 Réglisse has a playful feel due to its greedy theme and bright colors. But in fact it hides a very high technical content. Just like the entire Bonbon series

Believe me, you should try all of this: making mud balls is very satisfying. Especially at a mature age, when playing a sense of play magnifies the fun of doing it. You will object: but I don't have time to play, I have other concerns, I have a house, a company, the country continues... all the lies. Every one of us will play, I will show you as soon as possible.

But first, I have to meet the blind Google rules, index this article, and hope that I write in some way. Ok, I mind the locals. Key words - this will be Richard Miller - will be repeated several times. Short sentences, no more than 25 words. Short paragraph, no passive, conjunct at the right point. There are also a series of labels: Augusto Veroni, Richard Mille Bonbon, Augusto Veroni, if he laughs, Richard Mille Réglisse,skull richard mille watch , Richard Mille licorice, Augusto Veroni said that there may be enough SEO (search engine optimization acronym). Ok, with Google allowed, I move on.

Each of us is lost in useless games, because each of us has items, food, clothes, and even cars that he doesn't have for practical reasons, and there are production scenes. To feel the velvety luster in your soul, tear off your smile. In fact, the game. Then each of us played to the extent that time and money allowed. I play a good Skoda, I call it a game because it exceeds my strict requirements. Others compete with Lamborghini and Ferrari. But if we all know how to play, there is no hatred, no hatred or jealousy. In fact, just like those who know that they are playmates.

Richard Mille is a very serious adult. His mud ball is a watch. Or better: from all angles, the extreme driving materials and techniques are introduced into the game of extreme clocks. Prices are included and are very clear. Mille first worked in the watch industry and then worked on Matra - MécaniqueAnerialTraction for a long time, but was also dealing with some of the watch brands in the portfolio. Then create your own brand in the pure watchmaking industry.

Richard Mille made it into cooked food. But this year, at SIHH in Geneva, he showed a series of watches inspired only by sweets, some people think it is too much. I know that Richard is enough to know what the word "too much" means to him. I must laugh at it... invite such people to wait, I found this idea to be absolutely fantastic: play, provocative, but Use technology to test the worst critics.cheap luxury watches

However, some people will object, with these colors you can only attract female viewers: a real man will never put such a watch. Well, if anyone needs to prove their possible masculinity through the aesthetic symbols of male mythology. But those who have no doubt about themselves can also play a role in this sense. In fact, I have seen Richard Mille Liquirizia playing rock and roll on the wrists of athletes and entertainment. Because "when things get tough, it's hard to start playing" ("Animal House", a movie you haven't seen is a masochistic masochist).

Richard Mille Liquirizia (RM 16-01 Automatic) is one of ten products in the Bonbon series, each limited to 30 pieces. Basically they are variants of three basic models: RM 07-03, RM 16-01, precision and RM 37-01. In these watches, shapes and motions with variable geometry oscillations are of particular interest. In this case, Mille showed a distinctive skill in working titanium, in addition to the movement, including the spiral plaque on the dial. And color the ceramics with vivid colors.

Therefore, it is a series of watches that are very technical in nature and come from specific personal skills, but also from leading suppliers. In addition to the playful style of Richard Miller and Cécile Guenat, Mille commissioned this series of art directors to cover up the techniques known in the new technology and to work in a serious manner. Pop art. Pop art will mark the history of watch collections.rm 056

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