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 Pranešimo tema: Vans Og Sk8 Hi Sun Dried
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Vans updates its Vans Shoes Black Friday Sale silhouettes with durable and abrasion-resistant Cordura material. A light desert camo pattern in white asparagus can be seen on both the Old Skool and Sk8-Hi models while two other Sk8-His arrive in the vibrant colors of Azelea Pink and Amberglow camo. The two lighter camouflage colorways opt for white rubber foxing whereas the fluorescent offerings see contrasting black soles.

Over the past couple of years, Vans Shoes Black Friday 2019 doodling has been a popular trend in the fashion world. This has also crossed over to footwear, with sneakerheads going for the one-off look by customizing their own kicks. Vans is now adhering to the DIY doodle craze with the release of the new “Peace” Sk8-Hi.

Vans Shoes Cyber Monday Sale finds multicolored artwork popping against a white canvas upper. The shoe gets its name thanks to a large peace symbol on the side, while also featuring a checkerboard toe, an alien head and crossbones motif, and more.

The Vans Og Sk8 Hi Sun Dried colorway offers up a little bit of everything, particularly various points of artwork that do a good job at incorporating all the ROYGBIV hues. The white canvas upper allows for the drawings to pop out even further, which range from an orbiting peace symbol on the lateral side panel that gives this particular release its name, all the way to a checkboard etching on the toe box that morphs into vertical pinstripe lines on the tongue. The other eclectic designs compliment the overall DIY theme perfectly, and do a good job at showing off Vans’ signature youth-inspired rebellious brand identity.


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